Pickled Bhut Jolokia Pods 20 Kilogram

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Pickled Bhut Jolokia Pods 20 Kilogram

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Product Information

20 Kilogram or 44 Pounds of Pickled Bhut Jolokia Pods

These Delicious and Hot Pickled Bhut Jolokia Products are made with Bhut Jolokia Pods or Bhut Jolokia Slices, Vinegar, Water, Salt & Garlic.

Try Some Pickled Bhut Jolokia  & Pickled Ghost Pepper Today and see for your self how Good they are.

Pickled Bhut jolokia Pods would be very hot and you should try eating only a very small part of the pod along with your food.

Product Code 20kg-Pickled-Bhut-Jolokia-Pods
Weight 22.0000lb

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